Page Layout and Design

Composite Type Jumble

There is a lot of special places that page layout occurs and is the root of most work. This form can be found as individual pages of websites, books, flyers and much more. And is something of an art unto itself. Usually starting in the upper left and drawing your viewer’s eye across the page, allowing you to craft a story, a path to further depths of . On a web page that has a more literal translation of that idea whereas print, in most cases, the story is less interactive, static, and self-contained.

All is good that relays the and does not upstage or interfere with that message. allows you to brings the viewer to the info, with complimentary beautiful function over for form. We all have see those works that are overly-ambitious just to showcase the creator’s abilities instead of focussing on creating a compelling conveyance. Some of the best I know have done things you could never tell it was them, they worked the material I. What the project required, not what would best showcase their own style.

There are always a few model exceptions. And there is always a time and place to breakout and do art, and create a masterpiece, to shock, to enlighten, delight and inform. All this in a single page.