I can provide all kinds of computer and web trouble shooting support. I have been on the Apple platform for most of my professional career but have been known to work with Windows and even some older forms of Unix platformed machines. I can open 95% of all file types, and if I cannot, know how you probably could or facilitate the process. I have set up twenty-plus networks, and maintained some of them. Done cross browser testing for some high-profile websites and have an extensive knowledge set using CSS, HTML and DREAMWEAVER. Have some of the largest personal collections of font faces in the cloud that I have seen.

If you got a question, I usually can find an answer w/in 24-48 hours. I was a research psychologist, and have a strong aptitude for numbers and computers. So, always looking for problems to solve, it’s actually something I enjoy, and if I can help you be more productive and able to use a particular machine, then I have made the world a better place. Yeah, I did just say that, and I do really want to leave this planet better for me being here. Technology is one way I have removed a large portion of my paper usage. So, if I can help you take advantage of your machine, instead of the other way around. Let me help!