Long Term Projects

Well it seems fitting to start this in the midst of writing the 40+ pages that cover the scope of the things I have learned to do over the years. Here, I must admit, I am not, i repeat: not, a prose writer. I like text to play with, but do not like to come up with the words that it’s sole and only purpose is to divest you from your money or create the need to do the same. Here, I will say I respect the ability to create that, and know people who can sell snow to an Eskimo and leave them believing that more snow was needed even believing in how it benefits them, even though more snow in reality was not have been.  That is really not me, and wish to enrich our world with ethical advertising practice, not continue the unbalanced of waste.  In the long-, that is what is best, and strive to do business reflecting this ideal.  Any long- project must consider the impact is has through the materials it uses.

I love to do projects that have a long life, taking little pieces off each day, and working toward creating a world that lives in balance with nature, and create a life for everyone.  Know that sounds a bit ethereal and impractical, but I hope to make that not so.

Long projects need to be defined, and clearly delineated so that progress can be well monitored and efficiently use . Give me a long project, and long duration tasks, these are my specialties.  From printing 1600 page font catalog that ended up taking week of printing 24/7, to producing a 3D render that took two computers 7 days to render 24/7, or even the process of helping create and ease the , styling, and updates for blogs, like this one.

My goal is to have more of these kinds of projects, as they are the most fulfilling to work through the breakdown and forecasting the parts that need to be blocked out.  It is a “green” way to communicate and share business ideas, projects, goals, and define a way of working.  And it will always be actually getting into the trenches with your client and revising work to help create a clean, simple and informative medium to convey an idea is one of the best parts of the long- projects.  Getting to know and learn a new business, and help it grow in the long .

All of which, are never, short- prospects. 


I am a simple man, seeking simple solutions. Always seeking to make the world a better place to see and experience. Looking to think outside the box, design affects us in ways we least expect. My goal is to make that experience useful, enjoyable, and informative.