Working with Social Media

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  • on 29 April 2011
  • in SEO

I have been doing web design long before SEO was a buzzword.  I understand the potential that good SEO can do for a site’s traffic, and ability to be found.  And in today’s age of SEO, rank and the like for particular word combinations, are essential to creating effective results.  A lot of the old tricks, and scams ( the unethical ones ), have left the paradigm in a shift on many search engines.  There are many compliance standards , and search engines to optimize, register, and populate with sitemaps.  There is a lot of parts, organization, and prioritizing that needs to happen.


I am a simple man, seeking simple solutions. Always seeking to make the world a better place to see and experience. Looking to think outside the box, design affects us in ways we least expect. My goal is to make that experience useful, enjoyable, and informative.